Хлорен препарат на таблетки Санифорт  - 1
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Preparat cu clor pentru dezinfectarea comprimatelor Sanifort

SANIFORT este extrem de eficient la concentrații foarte mici de dezinfectant. Preparat clor în tablete Dezinfectant Sanifort cu aplicare largă.

  • 250 гр. кутия
  • 1 кг. кутия
35,00 BGN (inclusiv TVA) 29,17 BGN (fara TVA)
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  • Chlorine disinfectant tablets - 1 tablet weighs 3.3 g.
  • Disinfection of surfaces (premises, apparatus and utensils) in health and medical institutions, public (children's, social) institutions, public transport, food and pharmaceutical industries, surfaces in veterinary clinics, dispensaries, laboratories and breeding facilities of animals;
  • Disinfection of white textile fabrics (linen, work clothes, towels, etc.) in health and medical facilities, hotels, food production facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and public facilities;
  • Disinfection of laboratory glassware;
  • Disinfection of kitchen utensils in health and medical facilities;
  • Disinfection of glass packaging in food production facilities;
  • Disinfection of sanitary equipment (sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, etc.) in health and medical facilities;
  • Disinfection of blood, urine and faeces;
  • Construction of disinfection barriers at local infectious foci (foot-and-mouth disease, animal plague, bird flu), at checkpoints, etc.

Санифорт таблети

Информационен лист за безопасност

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