Toilet paper Tork SmartOne 6 rolls

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SmartOne toilet paper is convenient, suitable and extremely effective for bathrooms with high turnover of people.

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Maximum hygiene

  • Completely closed system
  • It only touches the leaf that will be torn off. This reduces the likelihood of carrying contaminants
  • A maintenance-free and clean sanitary room is achieved without unnecessary costs and without the risk of poor hygiene
Maximum efficiency
  • High capacity toilet paper dispenser
  • Longer operation between charges than any other system
  • Comfortable and suitable for bathrooms with high turnover of people
  • Lower consumption thanks to the separate sheets
Maximum customer satisfaction
  • Ideal sheet size
  • Calm about the level of hygiene
  • Easy pulling of the sheet for use. After downloading, the next sheet is submitted automatically
  • Dimensions in width / length: 136×180 mm. / 2 layers 100% cellulose, 207 m., 1150 pieces
  • SmartOne is ahead of all toilet paper systems developed so far. Studies show that SmartOne reduces paper consumption by up to 42% compared to standard toilet paper. It lasts an average of 16 hours more between refills than other toilet paper systems.
  • Suitable for: hospitals, homes, schools, universities, offices, banks, restaurants, hotels and more.
  • Minimum quantity for purchase 6 rolls / 1 stack /. The indicated price is for one roll.
Weight 6 kg


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