Single-disc cleaning machine Numatic HFM1523

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SKU: HFM1523102

Professional, universal, single-disc, rotary machine for cleaning, polishing and diamond processing of hard and soft floors.

  • The machine is medium revolving and is used for both cleaning and polishing of heavily soiled surfaces
  • The size of the brush is 450 mm.
  • It can be additionally equipped with a vacuum
  • Features a cistern for cleaning fluid
  • 1500W motor
  • Disc size 450 mm
  • Brush size 450 mm
  • Pad size 400 mm
  • Power supply 230V AC 50Hz
  • Speed: 230 rpm
  • Cleaning radius: 32 meters
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Size: 1250 x 560 x 460mm
  • Equipment: at the customer’s choice – pad holder
Weight 35 kg


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