Savo Anti Mold

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Mold, fungus and yeast remover. SAVO anti-mold removes mold from your home easily, effectively and quickly. SAVO against mold is also a disinfectant.

  • The best-selling product on the market;
  • Effectively rid your home of mold, fungus and yeast;
  • Immediate effect with visible result;
  • Has a disinfecting and whitening effect;

SAVO anti-mold is ideal for removing mold, yeast and fungus. It also disinfects. It comes with a spray attachment that makes it easy to apply the product even on hard-to-reach places.

Application :

The product is used to remove mold from external and internal wooden, gypsum or painted surfaces. Removes mold from corners in the bathroom, around the tub and window frames. SAVO against mold is suitable for damp rooms where there are prerequisites for the appearance of mold. For example, in the bathroom, wet rooms, spas, swimming pools, saunas, public baths and food warehouses.

Usage :

Spray the affected areas directly with undiluted SAVO against mold from a distance of 5-10 cm. After 20 minutes, wash the sprayed area with water or allow it to dry. Do not remove mold in advance! This can disperse the spores and spread the mold to other places. You can repeat the procedure for greater efficiency. It has a whitening effect.

Approximately 50 ml is consumed. preparation per square meter of plaster, wall or wood.

Weight 0.6 kg


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