Saddle cleaner Cleanfix

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The new RA 535 IBCT cleaning machine has all the qualities of a small conventional machine – maneuverability, small turning radius and the ability to pass through tight spaces, but with incomparably greater efficiency.

  • Working width 53 cm
  • Vacuum width 60 cm
  • 150 cm turn cycle
  • Cleaning speed 3-5 km / h
  • Top speed 5 km / h
  • Theoretical productivity 2650 m2 / h
  • 2.3 hours battery life
  • Volume of clean water 55 l
  • Dirty water volume 55 l
  • The dirty water container is easily accessible for opening and cleaning. The large wheels provide safety and maneuverability at work. The tanks can be easily drained using hoses located at the rear of the machine. The machine can be equipped with a HEPA filter, and allergy sufferers can enjoy 99.99% of fresh air.


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