Variety of professional floor cleaning machines for cleaning and disinfection and spare pieces for them.

Professional cleaning machines

Wide range of floor cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners, vapor steam cleaners, extractors for effective cleaning and disinfection of a large or small areas and different kinds floor covers, machines for washing of upholstery, carpets, fitted carpets. They are proper for offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools. Spare pieces- pipes, hose, bags for vacuum cleaners, brushes, electric motors and other specific accessories.

Professional vacuum cleaner 100P for hotels
Functional and powerful, designed for dry cleaning. Developed for professional users with optimal ergonomic properties, compact design to meet the specific needs of hotels, offices, cleaning companies.
Vacuum cleaner bags UB 2
Vacuum cleaner bag made of three-layer, non-woven fabric with high air permeability and strength. The properties of the material allow more complete utilization of its volume, while using the full power of the vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum cleaner bags UB4
Bags of SMS material for vacuum cleaner 3 pieces in a package + filter.
Professional vacuum cleaner Cleanfix S10
Low noise vacuum cleaner with compact design, high vacuum power and exceptional maneuverability. Suitable for hotels, offices, public buildings, etc. Made from 100% recyclable materials.
Saddle cleaner Cleanfix
The new RA 535 IBCT cleaning machine has all the qualities of a small conventional machine - maneuverability, small turning radius and the ability to pass through tight spaces, but with incomparably greater efficiency.