Shopping and office centers

Ponligres Detergent with organic alcohol
(tax incl.)
Professional detergent with organic alcohol, flavored and designed for maintenance of ceramic floors, granite, marble.
Microfiber floor strip mop
(tax incl.)
Microfiber mop of floor washing strips with conical thread on the screw grip. Suitable for use in offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.
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Concentrated Universal detergent Asevi Mio
(tax incl.)
Concentrated universal detergent for general cleaning.
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Concentrated detergent for baths Asevi
(tax incl.)
Powerful detergent for bathrooms and sanitary facilities.
Carpet Clean 5 l. Medix
(tax incl.)
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Active foam for cleaning of fabrics, carpets, rugs, autotuning, etc. Extremely efficient preparation in the form of foam for professional use for cleaning of different types of textile surfaces – fabrics, natural and artificial fabrics, carpets, rugs, autotextile, etc. With a specially developed effective combination of surfactants substances, chelates and solvent. Its active foam penetrates deep into the textiles and removes various stains and stubborn dirt, leaving a clean and fresh scent. Preserves colors.
Hygienic cart with two buckets Pro
(tax incl.)
A practical way to wash and dry Optimizes detergent and water costs
Sanitary trolley "Pro"
(tax incl.)
Hygienic cart for cleaning and maintenance of retail space and offices.
Bioenzyme preparation for canals
(tax incl.)
Bioenzyme-based channel preparation
Domestos cleaner 750 ml.
(tax incl.)
Domestos cleaner - suitable for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces: terracotta, WC - toilet bowls, sanitary ware, tiles, sinks, drains, floors.
Hygienic stroller with two Pro buckets and stands for accessories
(tax incl.)
Easy way to wash and dry Reduces the cost of detergent and water
Single-disc cleaning machine Numatic HFM1523
(tax incl.)
Professional, universal, single-disc, rotary machine for cleaning, polishing and diamond processing of hard and soft floors.
Aroma system for medium and large rooms
(tax incl.)
An innovative system for flavoring in hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, clinics, gyms, clubs, spa years, hospitals, casinos and more.
Flavor Filler
(tax incl.)
Cosmic Filler
Disposable toilet seat covers
(tax incl.)
Disposable paper toilet seat covers. Extreme comfort and hygiene. Reduce the risk of infection.
Service trolley for cleaning
(tax incl.)
Hygienic trolley with press for cleaning and servicing shopping centers and business buildings.
Matic Mini dispenser for paper hand rolls
(tax incl.)
Mattik dispensers for paper rolls are the ideal towel system in many toilets.
Professional vacuum cleaner 100P for hotels
BGN297.60 -37%
(tax incl.)
Functional and powerful, designed for dry cleaning. Developed for professional users with optimal ergonomic properties, compact design to meet the specific needs of hotels, offices, cleaning companies.
Service cart
(tax incl.)
Hygienic trolley with bag holder with lid. Upgradeable.
Insecticide lamp PLUS ZAP 16w
(tax incl.)
Wide range of applications for both professional and household needs.
Insecticide lamp PLUS ZAP 30w
(tax incl.)
Insecticide lamp PLUS ZAP 30W is characterized by extremely high quality workmanship.
Toilet paper Maxi roll 360 m.
(tax incl.)
Maxi Jumbo toilet paper designed for dispensers and dispensers with a diameter of more than 28 cm.
Universal detergent for under Migei 5 L. Canister
(tax incl.)
Universal detergent for cleaning of terracotta, marble, faience, mosaic. Gives the necessary shine and fresh aroma.
Cleaning bucket with roller press
(tax incl.)
Hygienic bucket model SQUIZZY with roller press. Stroller suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized rooms.