Cleaning preparations and disinfectants

Professional cleaning products and disinfectants for use in restaurants, pubs, kitchen blocks, catering companies, snack bars, public eating establishments.

Ponsdry A.D.- 5 kg.
Liquid for automatic dish washing for hard and very hard water.
Detergent PL-2 HOT for ovens and grills
The composition of potent alkaline substances attacks and the most stubborn fats. The formula of the preparation allows cleaning of warmed grills without creating any inconvenience.
Detergent Matdescal L for descaling
Potent acidic detergent for use in boilers, coffee machines, dishwashers, pots and other water-boiling appliances.
Broad-spectrum disinfectant for LM surfaces
DesMol LM is a broad-spectrum disinfectant for surfaces, floors and walls. Excellent cleaning and washing properties
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Domestos cleaner 750 ml.
Domestos cleaner - suitable for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces: terracotta, WC - toilet bowls, sanitary ware, tiles, sinks, drains, floors.
Savo Anti Mold
Mold, fungus and yeast remover. SAVO anti-mold removes mold from your home easily, effectively and quickly. SAVO against mold is also a disinfectant.
Window cleaner, Klinil glass
Klinil is a ready-to-use spray cleaner for windows, glass and all modern surfaces, which is applied by spraying.
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