Cleaning appliances and supplies

Appliances, accessories and supplies suitable for cleaning and maintenance at hotels, restaurants, trade halls: microfiber towels, car brushes, carpet cleaning brushes, cotton and microfiber washes, brooms, laundry baskets, trash can, squeegee, mushrooms with abrasive tape and many more.

Thread mop holder
Plastic clip clip for wet thread mop.
Mop rope
Cotton mop - mop for cleaning floors
Mop with abrasive tape
Mop with abrasive tape for cleaning windows. Manufactured by Pulex Italy.
Mop / bear holder
With our glass cleaning devices and systems you will save time and money and achieve the best cleaning results. The appliances are specially designed to remove stubborn dirt on windows, glass, mirrors or other smooth surfaces.
Pulex telescopic handles
For high-altitude washing of windows and windows. Manufactured by Pulex Italy.
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