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Broad-spectrum disinfectant for LM surfaces
DesMol LM is a broad-spectrum disinfectant for surfaces, floors and walls. Excellent cleaning and washing properties
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Insecticide lamp PLUS ZAP 30w
Insecticide lamp PLUS ZAP 30W is characterized by extremely high quality workmanship.
Zhivasept Gel-Hand sanitizer
Ready-to-use gel preparation based on ethyl alcohol for the disinfection of hands with bactericidal, including Tubercicidal, virulent (HBV/HIV, company, AH1N1, encapsulated viruses) and fungicidal action.
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Zhivaheks Spray MD
Ready-to-use solution designed for quick disinfection of alcohol-resistant medical and dental instruments and on surfaces of medical devices and apparatus. Treated objects can be used immediately after the expiration of the exposure time, without subsequent rinsing with water.
Hand sanitizer Zhivаcept 500 ml
Ready-to-use alcohol preparation for disinfection of hands and skin with bactericidal, including Tubercicidal, virulent (HBV/HIV/HCV, Adeno, company viruses) and fungicidal action, lasting up to 2 hours after the disinfection.
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