Toilet paper- rolls, packs, mini Jumbo, maxi Jumbo, Dixan toilet paper.

Toilet paper

A wide range of toilet papers- toilet roll /60, 80, 100, 120 g. /, toilet paper pack, mini and maxi Jumbo roll, toilet paper white or recycled, toilet paper with 100% cellulose.

Toilet paper in a bundle
Toilet paper in a pack - 40 packs of 250 sheets in a carton.
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Toilet paper Tork SmartOne 6 rolls
SmartOne toilet paper is convenient, suitable and extremely effective for bathrooms with high turnover of people.
Toilet paper on a roll 60 g white
Economical packaging, suitable for all hotels, motels, apart-hotels, restaurants and bars.
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Toilet paper Maxi roll 360 m.
Maxi Jumbo toilet paper designed for dispensers and dispensers with a diameter of more than 28 cm.