Folded hand towels for single- use.

Paper hand towels

The single-use hand towels Z and V type are suitable for cleaning and drying. Paper towel supplies and dispensers from Tork, Kimberly Clark, Katrin, Hagleitner and others.

Cleaning towels Wettask Kimtech
KIMTECH towels / reusable / are specially designed for working with detergents, degreasers and disinfectants. They are resistant to acids and solutions.
Hand towels V fold
Disposable recycled paper towels - 20 packs of 250 sheets - 5000 sheets in a carton
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Paper hand roll Euromatic for Perl dispenser
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Paper roll for hands
6 paper rolls in a stack. It is used in the kitchen sector
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Cosmetic face towels
Paper face towels - soft and gentle on the skin.
Folded Z Tork hand towels
Folded towels Tork Advanced Hand Towel Interfold Soft - system H2.
Paper hand towels on a roll
Roll paper hand towels are designed for drying hands in various retail outlets, offices, bathrooms and food establishments.
Promo package "Dispenser and paper towels"
When you purchase this package, you receive an automatic roll towel dispenser and 4 stacks of paper hand towels. This type of system saves up to 30% of consumables compared to standard hand towels.