Liquid detergent Medix 5 liters with multienzyme complex

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SKU: DFC 090


  • Removes heavy dirt.
  • Dermatologically tested formula with Aloe Vera extract, without dyes and phosphates and with perfume without allergens.
  • Highly concentrated liquid detergent for professional use.
  • Designed for washing colored and white fabrics in all types of washing machines.
  • Thanks to the multi-enzyme complex, it dissolves and perfectly removes stains and impurities of organic and inorganic nature such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, coffee, wine, mud, etc.
  • Specialized ingredients prevent the migration of pigments between tissues, preserving the original appearance of white and colored tissues.
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin, does not contain dyes and phosphates and has an allergen-free perfume.
  • Suitable for washing fabrics made of cotton, linen, blended and synthetic fabrics.
Weight 5.3 kg


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