Дозатор за сапун на пяна с фотоклетка
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Foam soap dispenser with filler

Perl Dispenser offers a new and advanced method for maintaining hand hygiene and health care.

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  • Reduces the risk of transmission of bacteria and infections
  • Suitable for places with a large human flow
  • Controled soap consumption ensures a reduction in the disposal of excess waste and chemicals, as well as lower water consumption
  • In built-in innovative pump prevents the likelihood of unnecessary leakage and dripping of the soap
  • The rich and saturated foam gives a feeling of full sense of comfort and cleanliness without even touching the device
  • Filled with foam filler 1000 ml. - 2500 doses / washes
  • "Excellent products and excellent service." - Josephine
  • "Excellent value. High quality products at reasonable prices." - Warren
  • "Outstanding customer service." - Jack
  • "You're the best! Thank you!" - Tatiana
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