Cleaning pad 406 mm.

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Color-coded pads for cleaning, polishing, sealing, maintenance, etc.

  • Size: 406 mm. / 16 inches
  • Colors: white, red, blue, green, brown, black
  • White pad: non-abrasive pad used for dry cleaning
  • Red pad: for dry cleaning, polishing and restoration of worn surfaces
  • Green pad: wet abrasion, removal of old seal
  • Blue pad: spray wash or remove light dirt and waxes
  • Brown pad: acid-resistant pad for sealing; dry and wet cleaning
  • Black Pad: Wet Seal Removal and Restoration of Worn Areas
  • Innovation and advances in technology make pads more efficient than ever
  • Pad colors require specific maintenance
  • Evenly spaced abrasive provides better performance and longer life
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