Detergents degreaser

Meglio degreaser
Concentrated detergent with strong degreasing action.
Degreaser A1
The Degreator is designed to remove stains 0 t clothes, upholstery, carpets, soiled countertops, faience, kitchen surfaces.
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Regene floor cleaner
Alkaline floor cleaner for the kitchen sector.
Detergent PL-2 HOT for ovens and grills
The composition of potent alkaline substances attacks and the most stubborn fats. The formula of the preparation allows cleaning of warmed grills without creating any inconvenience.
Contactless degreaser
Professional contactless degreaser for grills, ovens and combi ovens 5 l.
Industrial cleaning Agent Amin Kraft
Preparation on alkaline basis for basic cleaning of buildings and machines, industrial cleaning, premises of food industry and gastronomy.
Concentrated detergent for manual washing of dishes and cutlery.
Bio Degreaser Spray for the Cif Nature's Kitchen 750 ml.
The formula for the cuisine of the Cif Nature's contains natural extracts of lemon and removes fat and kitchen dirt.
Directions for use:
Spray on the surface
Leave for a few seconds
Wipe with a dry cloth
Astonish Powerful Degreaser 750 ml
Thanks to its new improved formula, which includes a natural cleansing power of bicarbonate. The powerful degreaser Grease Lifter copes quickly and efficiently with the cleansing of grease, stains and dirty overlays. Suitable for ceramic and enamel surfaces, sinks, kitchen countertops, etc...
Degreaser Bene 500 ml.
Bene Power Universal is a liquid cleanser for all the highly contaminated surfaces such as ovens, countertops, motors, fabrics, extractor hoods and others. It is unparalleled in the quality removal of old and dried stains from fats, wine, inks, layered impurities, etc. After use leaves a light and fresh aroma.
Degreaser MEDICX 500 ml.
Multifunctional concentrated detergent with powerful degreasing effect and fresh aroma of orange. Cleans up to shine, eliminating impurities and fats without any effort, and its efficient formula makes it applicable to both kitchen and garden surfaces and fabrics.