Automatic hand towel dispenser

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Extremely functional dispenser with a very hygienic way of drying hands, ensures the use of the entire roll. Controlled consumption and protection against theft of the roll without waste of unused paper with optimal feed size – 1 cloth for 1 drying, high absorbent properties and tear-resistant paper.


  • Laden sanitary facilities, where it is kept to good hygiene
  • Offices and retail outlets


  • For drying hands


  • Contactless electronic dispenser -“Touch-free” use – for maximum hygiene
  • Regulate the length of the cloth, for economical consumption
  • A large amount of consumable – easy control, saves labor – less often served
  • Consumable Complete indicator
  • Key system with – with key

Характеристики: Система за автоматичен дозатор за кърпи за ръце

  • Sensor dispenser for paper hand towels per roll
  • Size: 210mm x 287mm x 340mm
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Sym: white
  • Power: with batteries or direct power supply from the power grid


Weight 4 kg



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