Air freshener Concept range

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Made up of five luxurious fragrances, the Concept range offers beautifully layered, balanced fragrances, using high quality oils to create sumptuous scents for your washroom and front-of house areas which continue to develop throughout the day.

Incredible fragrances

  • Allure, Radiance, Indulgence, Finesse,  Relaxing, Refreshing, Revitalizing
  • Elegance – A beautiful fruity floral fragrance with sparkling mandarin and bergamot, harmonised by a heart of jasmine and blackberry.
  • Bliss – A lively sweet fragrance, delivering a fruity kick of both tropical and citrus fruits. Bliss delivers a breath of tropical island air to washrooms and front-of-house areas.
  • Finisse – A fresh feminine fragrance, reminiscent of fresh linen. This delicate balance of spring like scents delivers a beautifully balanced refreshing perfume ideal for front-of-house areas.
  • Ideal for use within washrooms or other problem areas
  • Made in UK
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