Air fragrance 100 ml.  - 1
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Air fragrance 100 ml.

  • Classic Vanilla
  • Fresh
  • Citronella
  • Damadenoche
  • Strawberry
  • Coco
  • Bambu
  • Cherry
  • Lavender
  • party white flower
  • Orange and cinnamon
  • Green Apple
  • Mediterraneo
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  • Aroma - 'Mediterraneo - Mediterranean fruit'. The fruity-citrus scent of peach and fig gives it a light and harmonious scent that brings us to the warm and relaxing summer of the Mediterranean. Suitable for any type of commercial space.
  • Fragrance - Party-White Flower. A fresh touch of water, flowers and fresh whiteness. A pleasant, elegant scent that is enhanced by the exotic oriental shades of white moss. Suitable for all spaces.
  • Aroma - Bamboo A fresh and delicate aroma of greenery that creates a pleasant atmosphere typical of Oriental gardens. Suitable for swimming pools, sports centers, thermal centers, offices, optics and more.
  • Aroma - Green Apple Aroma with a fresh green hint of fruit that diffuses the vibrant aroma of a green apple. Suitable for all spaces.
  • Aroma - Coconut Sizzles the atmosphere with sweetness and exotic, fresh and natural notes that are reminiscent of summer, palm trees and tropical sun. Recommended for beauty salons, spas and hotels. Suitable for spaces that need to remove odors.
  • Aroma - Vanilla Creates a cozy atmosphere with a sense of relaxation and good mood. Suitable for beauty and aesthetics, baby clothing stores, shoe stores, bakeries and bars.
  • Fragrance - Strawberry Fragrant, red and pulsating, a perfume that stimulates sensuality, evokes creativity and creates a sense of calm. Suitable for all types of spaces.
  • Aroma - Lavender, bergamot and mint mix The lavender base exudes a delicate perfume that is enhanced by the energetic aroma of mint and the freshness of bergamot. In its entirety, it fills the space with a sense of cool freshness and purity. Suitable for women's and men's clothing stores, museums, offices, restaurants, showrooms and more.
  • Aroma - Cherry and almond blend The initial aroma evokes the smell of bitter almond, leaving room for the sweet aroma of cherry. It counteracts the unpleasant odors, reduces the odor of kitchen and moisture. Suitable for neutralizing odors in any type of room.
  • Aroma - Jasmine It is characterized by a sweet aroma of flowers, an expression of femininity and delicacy. A strong and enveloping perfume that leaves a refined sense of elegant sensuality. Recommended for any space. Suitable for beauty salons, kindergartens, women's clothing stores.
  • Fragrance - Citronella With a pleasant, sour aroma that is very similar to lemon, which contributes to a sense of freshness and purity. Intense and long lasting. La citronella is undoubtedly better known for its successful anti-mosquito action. Suitable for: hospitals, clinics, industrial laundries, kitchens and more.
  • Aroma - "Fresh" Neutralizes no
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