About Us

“MEGACLINE is an importer of the following hygiene appliances and accessories:

Wide range of professional cleaning machines; industrial floor cleaning and sweeping machines; industrial and vacuum machines; steam and water jet machines; automatic floor cleaners; professional maid vacuum cleaners;

Professional cleaners and disinfectants.

Professional equipment and accessories for floor and glass surface maintenance; carts, mops, accessories and technology for professional manual cleaning; professional brushes and brooms;

Lotus Professional / Georgia pacific – complete personal care systems: personal care dispensers, disposable hand towels, toilet paper, kitchen roll, antibacterial soap.

TimeMist – Sensor hand dryers; dispensers for air fresheners; insecticide lamps for HPP, warehouses, shops, restaurants, pharmacy companies.

Flavouring systems; odour neutralisers; bioenzyme preparations; urinal pads and cubes; toilet cistern tablets

Here you will find hygiene solutions for the hotel sector, retail outlets, administrative and public buildings, kitchen hygiene, food industry enterprises. The portal offers you the following products:

Cleaning Towels & Appliances & Accessories
Alternative cleaners on tablets
Alkaline cleaners
Special cleaners
Acid cleaners
Neutral cleaners
Disinfection of eggs, fruit and vegetables
Care for the floor
Eco cleaners / Green cleaning
Flavouring systems, air fresheners, odour neutralisers
Liquid detergents
Powder detergents
Professional vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning
Professional vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning
Professional vacuum cleaners for dry and wet industrial cleaning
Single disc cleaning and polishing machines
Professional cleaning machines and automatic machines
Professional machines for cleaning soft flooring
Professional throwing machines
Professional water jet and steam jet cleaning machines
Dispensers for liquid soap, hand towels, toilet paper Classic and Ocean
Georgia Pacific / Lotus Professional Personal Care Systems and Dispensers
Glass surface cleaners
Floor cleaning equipment – mops for dry and wet cleaning
Maid trolleys and linen containers
Hygiene trolleys with bucket and press
WC / urinal refreshment & cleaning
Napkins and disposable tablecloths
Hotel cosmetics, accessories, soaps
Finez napkins – colour printing and logo
Systems and machines for cleaning and disinfection with steam / Steam cleaning
Instruments for express monitoring
Insecticidal control
Hand dryers
Dispensers for disposable paper towels ZZ
Dispensers for paper towels on a roll
Toilet paper dispensers
Dispensers for liquid hand soap
WC dispensers and equipment
Inox dispensers for personal hygiene – for hand towels, toilet paper, liquid soap
Dispensers and systems for HCV and hospital facilities
Toilet paper
Professional liquid soap
Disposable paper hand towels
Preparations for daily cleaning of hard floor coverings
Cleaners for mirrors and glass surfaces
Preparations for cleaning and maintenance of WC and sanitary facilities
Carpet and upholstery cleaners
Cleaning and maintenance preparations for leather and synthetic leather surfaces
Preparations for basic cleaning
Cleaning detergents for kitchen hygiene
Ultra concentrated detergents for cleaning and maintenance
Liquid soaps and hand porridge
Professional microfiber cloths for cleaning and maintenance
Disposable plastic products
Workwear in HCV
Waterless car cleaning products
Entrance mats, doormats