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The best hygiene solutions

Wide range of professional cleaning machines; industrial floor cleaning and sweeping machines; industrial and vacuum machines; steam and water jet machines; automatic floor cleaners; professional maid vacuum cleaners;

Professional cleaners and disinfectants.

Professional equipment and accessories for floor and glass surface maintenance; carts, mops, accessories and technology for professional manual cleaning; professional brushes and brooms;

Lotus Professional / Georgia pacific – complete personal care systems: personal care dispensers, disposable hand towels, toilet paper, kitchen roll, antibacterial soap.

TimeMist – Sensor hand dryers; dispensers for air fresheners; insecticide lamps for HPP, warehouses, shops, restaurants, pharmacy companies.

Flavouring systems; odour neutralisers; bioenzyme preparations; urinal pads and cubes; toilet cistern tablets

Here you will find hygiene solutions for the hotel sector, retail outlets, administrative and public buildings, kitchen hygiene, food industry enterprises.